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Is that car hiding something from you?

The vehicle VIN number check is without question the most important part of the used car buying process. It is the only way you can know for sure whether or not a car has any serious hidden certainly can't rely on the seller to reveal these problems to you.

Also known as a car history search, it taps into billions of DMV records for vital information on your car, and instantly reports hidden problems such as collision damage, odometer tampering, fire damage and others. That's why it is so important to check VIN data before you decide to purchase.


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All of the information from a vehicle VIN number check is included in an full history report. The initial search is broken down into a number of DMV records based on available information on a vehicle. This is what is referred to as a free VIN check, since you can check how many records there are on each vehicle for free.

From there, you can access a full Vehicle History Report, which is a complete description of each and every record on your particular vehicle.

Here's a breakdown of the section you'll find on your report:

1. General car info: Year, make, model, and a score that rates your vehicle vs other similar models. This score can be very helpful.

2. Problem Section: This is where any reported issues will come up. A handy cheklist of 15 potential problems is shown, with either a green check, meaning it's OK, or a red exclamation point, meaning there's been problems.

3. Odometer Section: This will show you all of the registered odomoter readings. If there's been some rollback to hide mileage, this is where you will see it.

4. Use and Event Section: Was the car used as a taxi, police vehicle, fleet or rental? Discover if there is any evidence that the car has seen extra wear and tear. Similarly, this section will show accidents, totle problems, theft, fire damage and more.

5. Complete History: This is a chronological report of a vehicle from manufacture up until the latest DMV record. You can follow a car from its birth to current owner.

These are the 5 areas of the full report when you check a VIN number. You can also view sample reports before you buy just to see exactly what you are getting and how useful the information is. The first part is free, the full report is about the cost of a half tank of gas. It's a must, and it gives you peace of mind.

You can literally save thousands of dollars by avoiding problems cars with a Vehicle VIN Number Check.

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